Hi, I am Nikodem Bartnik

nikodem bartnik


My name is Nikodem Bartnik and if you are here you want to learn something about me. I am maker so I like making things, making everything that is possible but mainly electronics, robots, programs (applications, games and robots soft) for some time I also play with 3D printing. Everything that I made is public on the internet, on my youtube channel (link below my photo) and on instructables. I recently set up Facebook fanpage so if you want to be up to date with what I am doing, or just support my work, go there and push the like button. If you are searching for more pro info about me check out my LinkedIn profile.

Project that I am most proud of is drone made from scratch by me, literally everything in this project is made by me. It was a huge challenge for me, but I like challenges, I am addicted to them :) Ludwik (that’s the name of my drone) won 3 prizes in international contests, 2 in Poland and a lot of people like this project a lot, huge thanks to them!

FollowBot it’s a robot that follows red objects i.e. ball. It do it by android app that I write (yes, I also program in java, sorry) it recognize red objects and drive to robot to be in same distance from the object. Sounds simple? Nothing more wrong! As with the drone, huge huge challenge for me, but I didn’t give up, only weak people are giving up!

All of my constructions together won 17 contests 14 from that was international. They were published on famous sites like Make Magazine, Adafruit, Atmel Makers, Arduino.cc, Hackspace, Hackaday. On instructables my projects have over 1 100 000 views and my YouTube channel have over 1 000 000 views.

I am really creative person (sometimes even too much), hard working (sometimes even too much) and obstinate (It's probably even good). I definitely have more ideas than time to realize them all, even though I work almost all the time. My todo list already has 4 pages.

Want to contact me, that’s great, below my photo you can find all my social links and email (just change (at) to @, that’s the protection from bots).

Here is list of everything that includes me, click!